Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Totally in my ELEMENT

John 16:33

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Friday night was the art walk in Bentonville. Kelly & I got off and headed up there. I was so excited to see all the art work. I love that kind of stuff. I wanted to buy a couple of things, but the 4-5 hundred dollar price range on some of the pieces deterred me.

We took pictures, but we took them on the fancy camera and Kelly is super slow about downloading them.
So maybe one of these days I will get them posted!

Saturday morning we went and got the oil changed on the Acura, while we were waiting Kelly wanted to go an look around the car lot. I made sure to tell every sales guy that we were there for an oil change and we Were NOT buying a car. My friend megity meg has a new civic and it has the speedometer set high on the dash, so you never have to take your eyes off the road. I love Honda's and I have wanted one for as long as I can remember so I took him over to look at it. When I got up close to it though it felt really really small. I think since I have been driving the jeep I have gotten use to a bigger car.

I then told him about my big secret. I really really want a Honda Element. I know that they look like a box on wheels, but I also am completely  in love with the fact that you can have 64 seat combinations..64! that is an insane amount of seat variation! Kelly looked at me like I had lost my mind (this happens quite a lot latley) and automatically tired to steer me toward a mini van for when we have some bebe's. I put my foot down and told him, I love honda's and would like an accord with the speedometer in the dash, but I am also very much in love with the element. You can even get a tent option. A TENT option!

They also have a pet friendly option!! How cute would my little love bug be sitting in there?


A little privacy tent if you will..

The back seats fold all the way up and the front will lay all the way down..
Perfect for a bike trip!

After we finished with the oil change I went to lay out with Jess and Alissa. I love laying out and since we cruise in exactly 10 days I am hoping to have a nice little base tan prior to boarding the boat!

Saturday night was pretty uneventful we watched Crash & Leap Year. We tried to watch Crash when it came out years ago, but the one we rented was scratched and we were unable to get through it and never finished it. It was pretty good. Leap year was a cheesy girl movie and kelly hated every minute of it!
Sunday we went to early service and headed to Bogle to get some more plants for the front flower bed. We have been waiting for a free weekend to use the last little bit of our giftcard from there. kelly's grandpa made us a landscaping plan, and it called for a Abelia Edward Goucher plants...well bogle doesn't carry them so we went with our back up- Firepower Nandina. They turn bright red in the winter which was a big selling point for Kelly since it will add life to our grey brick house.

My in-laws are in in town and I am so excited to spend the week with them! I sent my MIL a big ole list of things I wanted us to do while they were here.. I think I overwhelmed her!

SHOUT OUT to Aunt Jammima!!!! She ran her first 5k this weekend and she won 2nd place and got a medal!!!!

YEAH J!! Good job rock star!

SHOUT OUT #2 to JWOW!!! SHE is having a boy!!
Let the shopping begin!


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Anonymous said...

I used to want an element as well but I rode in one and was bummed that the back seat windows don't roll down they are like a latch type.