Friday, June 4, 2010

i got nothin

Today is a random Friday.
Here is the chair I bought at the HFH store last week..

I want to paint in cream and then do a red crackle paint over it.

the green grey color I want red
 What do we think??
Well I went to hobby lobby today during lunch to find the crackle paint, but sadly they only had white. I have no clue where else to look. I went to Lowe's and couldn't find any spray paint, only the actual paint that seems to require an awful lot of effort.

Any suggestions?

This weekend we have 1st Fridays tonight, I have a hair cut, Kelly has a paper due, and i think megity meg and I are hitting up the pool.

I really want to work on my chair since the in-laws are in town on the 15th and I would like for the kitchen table to be almost complete. Which also means that I need to get to the yard sale's to find 2 more random chairs!


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erin f. said...

Check out True Treasures for cute's an awesome antique/junk store on Highway 72. I think the crackle would be super cute, maybe you could somehow make the red color you want with the white paint? I have no idea really!