Wednesday, June 9, 2010

pump, pump, pump it up

Update on my chair.

I think that I could have just sanded it down, but for some reason I wanted to make sure and get all the finish off. So I stripped down the top coat and got really fed up and annoyed at the spindles on the chair and finally gave up. I figure I can work the distressed look with the paint that I wasn't able to get off.

I went today to get the top coat.. Hopefully it works and I will be able to post some pictures of it tomorrow.

Last night was young wives. I haven't gone in forever and I got a postcard regarding my lack of attendance, SO I asked several girls if they all wanted to go

and in true Cortney fashion I sent the preemptive text on Sunday to remind everyone. It was a pool party, but we weren't really feeling it so we all just hung out by the pool.

The lesson was an analogy about shoes and your Christian walk. Here is the link if you would like to learn more!

They talked about a "pump" about how you are always trying to get people to go to things and trying to "pump them up"

It was really sweet I was laying on kelsey when they brought that one up and she nudged my arm, and then Alissa said the same thing! So sweet!

After the devotional we played a "game" where we were supposed to go around the circle and tell something interesting about us, well as women, it was much much more than just name and one thing interesting.. it took about 45 minutes to go around the circle and by the time I got home it was almost 10.
Alissa, Kelsey, Sharon, Meagen, me, & Melissa

We have our reunion party planning committee tonight which means another evening of staying up to late. Hopefully this weekend I will have time to clean the house though, the in-laws are coming in town and since Kelly has started working on his paper keeping the house as clean as I would like has been a challenge

Tomorrow Jlo and & are going to the dickson street book store during lunch to sort through the mounds of books and but them for only a quarter & then after work jenni from the block and I are going aunt jemima's house to learn to sew an apron. (jemima says we can learn this even though jenni and I are complete sewing idiots, we shall see. I will take lots of pictures! I can call Jamia, aunt jemima because she is like 100 lbs and already has a fab tan.. I'm not mean. Her name always makes me think of jemima when I am typing so there you go)
It is Wednesday.......... It feels like it should be Friday!!


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Anonymous said...

Im glad yall had fun!b I am really sorry I was going through a cleansing process yesterday that could not wait! I really do want to hang out soon though!