Monday, June 28, 2010

Riddle Me This?

Today is a stop at St Thomas. On the agenda for the day is a little hike, kayak, and some snorkeling. I am very excited to be in St Thomas.

Some of the fabulous attractions are Magen's Beach and Paradise Point.

Google it.

Next up.. Question of the day... I feel like being interactive and maybe when I come home from vaca not only will i have hundreds five comments to read, but maybe i will have enough followers to become a stay at home blogger? YES? Hey a girl has aspirations..

So you have 2 topics to choose from:

a.Family or b.Friends

a. Family- if you were forced to name your bebe (if you aren't a kid person, go with a dog, cat, fish, or even hamster) after just one person in your family. Who would it be and why?

my answer: I would pick my papa. you all read about him here. His name was Archie Forest. Then after Kelly's dad Robert Kurtis. So, we would have Robert Forest Carlson.

b. Friends-if you had to pick a friend that has influenced you the most in your life at one point of another who would it be and why?


my answer: I have been very blessed with some great friends. I would have to say Sara Michelle Gellar Parker. She was one of the first people I met when I transferred to Harding and I honestly think with her sweet, gentle, loving, Christ like spirit she helped me to be a strong Christian woman. My disclaimer is I have several friends who I love and treasure dearly, but the one who has influenced me and who I have become the most would be sara pp.

So.. what do yall have for me? If you read this, comment.. Come on you know you want to (have i shamelessly plugged that i want comments enough?)

You can pick one or do both, just keep me entertained with your stories!


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Anonymous said...

ok kids names...I have two!! I am so much better at girl names then boys, but if I had a boy I would name it after reid and have a Jr. Ok for girls... either Carly Marlene (reid's grandfather was Carlton and Reid's mom's middle name is marlene) or McKinna Gene (my grandmother's maiden name is mckinna and mom's name is paulagene). Then I think that I have 3 families to name my kid after that I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings that I may just not name anyone them after anyone!!