Monday, March 29, 2010

a cluster..

Workout Summary:
Distance- 10k, pace- 8:10, total time- 50:50
Tonight we were going to run part of the course from the hogeye. The Hogeye is a marathon, half marathon, & relay that is know to be very very hilly. So some of my team members and I went to run a part of the course tonight to know what we are in for. Well we decided that fville was a little to far away so we ended up in Rogers. We ran a very hilly course, but it was tough & I was very proud of myself. Now if only I can do the same on the day of the race.

So on Saturday kelly & I had figured it was going to be yucky out..
Well I did something that I haven’t done in who knows how long.. I didn’t set my alarm! I decided that I was just going to get up whenever since we really didn’t have anything to do. Sadly though I was up and around by 8:30. Why not make the best of it. I made chocolate chip pancakes and started doing laundry. Kelly woke up & we ate breakfast together, after that he was confined to the office to work on his paper for school.

I headed to the grocery store and to run my errands. By 12 I was home and Kelly was done with school. As he surfaces from his den of seclusion he decides since the rain has held off this long we should go for a bike ride. He then vanishes again to the garage.

I being the brilliant woman hat I am know this could take a while, so I turn it to The World is not enough and settle in. By about 2pm Kelly re-emerges from the garage telling me the bikes are ready. Good thing we weren’t in a hurry!

We load up the bikes and head to the Bentonville bike trail, if you have never ridden there it is fabulous. So much fun! You should go. Well the minute (I am not kidding you the very second) our tires hit the ground off of the bike rack it started raining. Not just a little rain either. Some pretty heavy rain and a lot of wind. After a few choice words Kelly tells me to start riding. I look at him like he is a little off, but I am not about to deal with him when he is this angry, so I start riding. Thankfully it stopped raining.

We get about 3 miles away and have been riding on some of the trails when Kelly’s tire goes flat. He then realizes the air pump is broken.. Are you kidding me? Then to top off our Griswold style bike ride it starts pouring..

Now cure the movie slow motion music, Kelly looks at me and says, “You have to leave me behind and go get the car.”

I made it back to the car and was able to put my bike back up on the rack ALL BY MYSELF! This may not be a big deal to you all, but that is a huge deal to me. I have never put it on the rack myself and more importantly when I got back to Kelly he commented on how proud of me he was and what a good job I did!

Then he tells me that he completely broke his bike. Are you serious? We go out for a short little fun ride & we end up breaking the flipping bike! So we load er on up on he back of the jeep & head up to phat tire to have them look at it. 150 bucks.

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