Wednesday, March 24, 2010

tell me all about it...

Worst job?
So me being the random person that I am I got to thinking about all the jobs I have had in my life & which one would be the worst..
So to get us to that point I MUST give you some bad job back story!

I was 15 when I got my first job. I was at Walton Jr. Hight dating (who I thought at that time would be my boyfriend throughout the perals of public education until I reached college, which at that point he would be come my fiancĂ© & we would live happily ever after in Savannah, GA and raise 2 kids on in our French Country home with a wrap around porch) Josh O’Neal. Since Josh was able to drive and I was not he would take me to Total Body Tan. I would work at the tanning salon until 6pm when my mom would get off work and come and get me. I loved this job. It was a dream job, easy and free tanning! At this point no one had told me if I tanned like the people at the salon I would end up looking like the grandma from There’s something about Mary!

So my dream job went out of business and I was forced to find a new job ASAP!! I applied and applied.. with no such luck. Finally my dad was like enough of this you bum, and he sent me to the smoke shop. Yep you heard read right. The Bentonville Smoke Shop, which was conveniently attached to a gas station. I was stock girl the cashier, and at times the janitor. I think this was punishment for being a rebellious child. Let’s embarrass her so much that she will never want to show her face in a social setting again.
"What you work here and you aren't even old enough to smoke? Is that legal?"

It was awful, maybe the most embarrassing thing ever. I was supposed to only work at the Smoke shop and that was bad enough, but when I was put on the schedule for the 6am opening on a Saturday after Homecoming that was the last straw. Thank goodness Arvest Bank called and saved my high school reputation!

The Smoke shop at the time was the worst job. Fast Forward a few years and I enter in a job that seems to be fabulous and full of potential, running a private school. At first you think, Wow that sounds like such a cool and rewarding job! That is what reeled me in, molding children’s young minds, helping them to find their true potential and making the world a better place. Then the liability hits you.
You are now responsible for the lives of all the children in that school. You are also responsible for all the teachers at the school, and although no one tells you, you are also responsible for making the parents blissfully happy at all times. Which one is tough, all three was hell. Then on top of that stress, add a boss that is so unhappy and spiteful you can’t say good morning with out hearing what for. I remember one day we had some situation come up. The stuff hit the fan and we were called in for “questioning” aka getting your head bitten off chewed up and spit back at you, at one point I tried to speak. I was told that the resume must be a joke, because someone as stupid as me would never get a 4.0. At that point I got up and walked out. My boss followed me and proceeded to ask me if I was hormonal and on my period? True story. Good stuff.

Have you even seen the Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep with the calls in the middle of the night, the insane demands? Yep that was my life for two years, mixed with a lot of angry parents, no showing teachers, and biting children. The day God blessed me with a job offer from JB Hunt I gave my notice. I was then told 2 weeks is not enough. I need at least 6 weeks to replace you. So I go back to Hunt with tail between my legs and ask for 4 weeks. They accept.

I come in to work the next day and I am promptly told I will no longer be running the school but filling in as a sub. I will also not be allowed to discuss this with anyone. So for the sake of the children, parents, and teachers I obliged. I don’t know if you can image how difficult it is to look parents and teachers in the face and not be honest with them about why all the sudden Mrs. Cortney isn’t in the big office anymore. After about 3 weeks of being an “on call sub” meaning I had to be at their beckon call everyday, I was brought it on a Friday and handed my last pay check. I was told to leave then. I was confused but figured I still had a week left. Then Monday I was told not to come back. I was never allowed to tell the kids goodbye. I was never allowed to tell the parents that I wasn’t some immature child who peaced out on the children that they had entrusted me to. A week later some of the teachers called and told me that missed me & that they had sent out a letter that said I had left to explore other options. The end! To this day I doubt any of those parents have a clue that it was made to look like I just up and left. I am sure they wanted it that way though, making me the bad guy and them the victim.
So there you go. B-A-D jobs! What were yalls?

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erin f. said...

I like the way you ask questions on here! I added you to my blog roll, we need to hang out sometime!

My worst job ever was for a financial planner. I was his assisstant aka slave and he treated me horribly, I truly hated it and looked for another job online everyday. Then I made the mistake of e-mailing a friend about how I wanted to quit my job through my work e-mail. I came to work one day and saw that my e-mail had been sorted differently and knew that my boss had been looking through my e-mail. That day he questioned me about wanting to quit, I admitted it and he fired me! Ha. I told him it was the best thing that ever happened to me...and it was, a month later I moved to Bentonville, got engaged to Todd and never looked back at that crumy job!