Tuesday, March 23, 2010

to iphone or not to iphone.

Workout summary

Distance- 4 miles, pace- 8min , total time- 32 minutes

Tonight me and my no car self will be at World Gym, begging like a junkie to get in. Hopefully with my feminine wiles I will be allowed in without a membership and be able to workout on the eleptical for 45 minutes until my chauffeur BIL is ready.

Yesterday Kelly got a text msg on his phone saying that we will now be charged a data plan of $30 bucks a month. UM NO! We don’t use the internet on our phones.. Yep, we have smart phones, and nope they aren’t that smart since none of the features are enabled on them. Well we use to have the internet on Kelly’s until I gave him the choice of that or cable.. So I promptly get on-line and begin reading the disclaimer on the website. It basically boils down to if you have a smartphone you are now being forced to have a data package. This angers me. Not once was I told when I got my blackberry that I would BE FORCED to have the internet on it! So I call them, and at first customer service tried to tell me that we moved our sim card, and that they can tell when we do stuff like that. I count to 10 and tell her in my best nice voice, “No ma’am. We have had his phone since May of ’08 & mine since October of ’08. I then sign in on-line and tell her well on line it has it right? I then begin to rant.. just a little bit.. about how neither one of us use the internet on our phone and we should not be charged for this. After she lets me cry it out she tells me that the only way to fix this is to put a block on both of our phones. Done. FINE! So we are now both officially blocked from the internet on our phones. SO for those of you sweet people who send picture texts, can’t get them, don’t bother!

Now on to the reason for the post, our upgrade is in May. Kelly is desperate for me to get an iphone. I know most of you out there think I am a total freak of nature and something has got to be wrong with me! Well here is how I look at it:
  • 300 for a phone- ludicrous!
  • They won’t give you insurance
  • Mandatory 30 bucks a month for media

This to the budget queen is a lot to swallow.
  •  I then begin to get tempted..
  • I could blog on my phone
  • I could do mobile uploads
  • I could get picture texting
  • I would have my own “garmin” at all times
So come on.. what are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is worth it. Isn't it 30$ on top of paying for unlimited texting?! bleh. I mean I would love to have all my music in my phone but still...

Jenni Kimpel said...

As I've mentioned before - I couldn't live without my iphone and believe that all should have one. Here are my reasons:

- It wouldn't really cost you $300 - they are $200 new and you'd be able to sell your phone for around $100 or more. If you decide you don't like your phone, you'll be able to sell if for $300 (to people like me that drop phones in water and aren't eligible for an upgrade).
- Next time your running and you get lost (because goats are chasing you), you can see where you are.
- You'll never question what song that was on the radio - Shazam will tell you.
- You'll get your cool new calorie counter app which will help you loose a few pounds aka beating Kelly in the next race.
- Texting is fun - you'll stay in contact with more people
- Need to know if a store is still open before you drive there? You can lookup their number and call them before you waste your time.
- You can play a plethora of games while waiting which actually makes waiting fun.
- If Kelly is using the computer at night, you can just jump on your phone to do your googling
- You'll be first to know about the sensory taste tests.
- You can check facebook at work
- Pandora is amazing and makes any drive fantastic.
- You will finally be apart of the 'in' crowd. We'd love to have you. :)

Hannah said...

If YOU, the QUEEN of Budgets, gets an iPhone, I very well may kill myself. I have been dying for one but have stuck it out, knowing that sure we could afford it, but was it $$ that we could SAVE instead?

You know that I look up to you how Stephen looks up to TMNT, and if you get this phone, all my determination and dedication for being frugal will completely and utterly explode.

erin f. said...

Hey, I was just catching on your blog and saw this post. I had NEVEr had a phone with internet until Todd suprised me with an iphone. I was ready for an upgrade and it was only $100 for the 3G so he got me one. The 30 extra a month is annoying, but I have never ever in my life loved any object as much as I love that phone. I told Todd that if I had to choose to not eat for a day or not have my iphone, I would choose not eating!