Tuesday, March 16, 2010

get your tickets...to the gun show

Sunday we went to our church’s new “Contemporary Service” Kelly and I decided that we would try it out, and what better a time to try it out than the Sunday after we loose an hour of sleep. I would say most of the time when I hear of a contemporary service I think of hands clapping and a band on stage, but neither of those took place. It was however, more relaxed and the songs we slightly more face paced. All in all it wasn’t that different from what we are use to. After church Kelly suggested we run by the Christian Book Outlet. This suggestion is very uncharacteristic for Kelly, but I have noticed some awesome uncharacteristic things coming from him lately. My husband is a wonderful man and I just adore him. With that said he doesn’t really talk about feelings & we don’t talk a whole lot about God. We pray before we eat, we talk about praying for things & each other, but we don’t get really deep in to each others spiritual walk. Judge me if you want.. but I am being honest. I will start by telling you what I think has happened, this could be wrong or right on his side, but this is how it appears on my side.

We have been going to the Love & Respect classes, which has really begun the change in the way that we communicate with each other. Also, through our church we are doing the love language book & knowing how the other likes to be “loved” has also greatly helped.

But, the biggest change was after my friend Sarah’s wedding in Memphis. Zach, Kelly’s “big brother” from Kappa sig’s caught a ride back with us to LR. The whole ride they caught up while I slept. Well after talking to Zach, I think it really hit some stuff home to Kelly. Zach is such an awesome Godly man who would do anything for anyone and the way he speaks just gets you excited. So, in my opinion this has been the proverbial straw-in a good way- that broke the camel’s back. So we went to the CBO for him to get a study book. I know it sounds weird, but I am really proud of Kelly, it also doesn’t hurt that he has been the sweetest thing ever the past few weeks.

My workout summary is missing today, because this week I have a meeting or apt everyday during lunch and after work. Last night however, I took the pup for a walk, and then Kelly and I did AB ripper X! Normally we do it in the office, but yesterday we did it in the living room floor and it was hilarious.

When we are doing the ab exercises we moan, cry, and yell mean things at the TV. Normally Callaway is not privy to this scene, but since we were in the living room he was witness. He was so scared he crawled underneath the couch and refused to come out until the cries of pain had stopped. All you could see were these 2 little scruffy paws poking out from under the couch.. if my abs didn’t hurt so bad I would have laughed!
ps.. title has nothing to do with guns, or arms.. but the ab show didn't have the same ring to it..

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