Monday, March 8, 2010

Manicotti in Memphis

So Friday we got on the road a little late and had to battle some traffic. After some minor bouts with road rage Kelly made it to LR. I jumped (yes literally jumped out of the car) and ran to Hannah’s car and we headed to Memphis.. just a mere 20 minutes behind schedule. So we head on our road trip and Hannah begins to tease me because earlier in the week I sent her and email reminding her to bring a list of topics that she needed to tell me about so she didn’t forget. Needless to say she didn’t but I love her anyway. Then after some MAJOR bouts of road rage we made it to the Peabody. We didn’t however really pay attention to where we were supposed to be parking so after 15 minutes of roaming around the hotel we made it to the rehearsal. Being in the house party was sure the way to go though we just got to sit back and enjoy!
After the madness that always is the rehearsal we headed to spaghetti warehouse for the rehearsal dinner. By this time I was so hungry I was tempted to just start licking the butter that they had put on the tables for out bread. Well since Hannah was my date we decided that I should order the manicotti and she should get the lasagna and we would share the 2. Well they forgot my manicotti so by the time it comes Hannah is ½ way done with the lasagna, so she asks if I just want to switch plates. Me being difficult says, “no I want to mix them together.” So as I am trying to make the transfer… this happens.

I was mortified, and I let this word slip shiuutt. I believe it was about to be an expletive, then I realized and tried to correct myself. I thought I had done a pretty good job until I realize that Dallas is cracking up across the table. Thankfully no one other than the people at our table heard this or saw the debacle.
After dinner we headed out to Beale street for a last night out with the bride & groom.

We went to Alfred’s and other than a few crazies it was a pretty good time.

Saturday we got up for the bridesmaid brunch and let me tell you it was SO good!

After we stuffed ourselves we went upstairs to get ready. Hannah did my hair and I wanted it pretty simple, but I loved it! I think I may wear it like that more often! I also determined I need to buy a teasing comb or a bump-it!

We left the wedding around 10 or so to head back to LR. Zac one of Kelly’s frat brothers Needed a ride to LR. So we volunteered to give him a ride home. I was so excited to see Zac. He is a youth minister and one of the most spiritually grounded people I have ever met. He is just so genuine and really and I was so happy that him and Kelly were able to catch up. I tried to stay awake and lasted until West Memphis before I crashed in the back seat.

Sunday we got up and went and say Hunter and Emily. I hadn’t seen Em since she had Miles and I was very happy so see them and hold sweet miles. It was also very surreal. Even seeing him was hard to fathom that they have a baby now! I didn’t get any pictures of him sorry.. but I am planning on setting em a blog up so we can all stay informed!

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Hannah said...

Dear lord I love you... I had sooo much fun this weedend!!!!!