Tuesday, March 2, 2010

to cold tuesday

Work out summary
Distance-5miles; pace- 8:30; total time- 42:47
It was 38 degrees on our run.. i thought winter was over???

I started out today on just a low key run, but about a mile in to it one of my running partners decided to pick it up and push me a little out of the easier 9 minute pace.

Well I since Sunday my foot has been hurting. It is a weird hurt too. It is at the top of my foot on the right middle. It feels like a bruise on the top of my foot and of course me being anal annie.. it stresses me out! So everyone say lots of prayers it really is just a bruise and nothing more!

We have a busy next couple of weeks ahead of us.. this weekend I am in my friends Sarah's wedding in Memphis so we are traveling again! Which I normally like, but here lately I feel like I am lacking on sleep and I am not catching up.. Which is why I was so excited to come home tonight and just do nothing. Normally

Next week I have Race for the Cure then Kelly is supposed to be planning a wonderful birthday surprise after the race.. he tried to tell me that my romantic dinner was going to be the free pre-race pasta meal..I sweetly told him not so much!

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