Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guitar Hero & other random stories

Kelly wants to play the guitar—or in the words of Theron gee-tar. Well our friends Theron (sweet abby’s hubs) volunteered to let Kelly borrow one of his guitars and help him learn. Well last night at church we picked up the guitar and Kelly was so excited. Abby warned us that if Kelly didn’t follow the strict training schedule set by Theron that he would no longer be eligible for lessons by the Guitar hero that is Theron Lloyd!
We got home and immediately Kelly got the Guitar out and strummed it as loud as he could. Holy Cow Callaway freaked out. He booked it out of the room as fast as he could and bolted right under the bed. So I being the worried mother ran in to the bedroom and pulled him out from under the bed. He was shaking so hard that if I didn’t know any better I would have thought he was having a seizure. He stayed this was for the next hour. Right before bed I took Callaway out to go to the bathroom, well he saw the guitar in the corner of the kitchen, turned around and took the long way to the back door. The long way requires him to walk through the dinning room and living room.

I left him back inside and he went the long way again, made it in to our bedroom and lept on to the bed and hide himself under the covers. Kelly told me to go get the guitar and bring it in the bedroom so he can get use to it. I told him NO, I will not be associated with the fear that comes from the guitar. So I made Kelly cover his head while I went and got the guitar. The minute Kelly uncovered his head he starred down the guitar. He finally lay down and went to bed, so we shall see how we integrate this new member (the guitar) in to our family without scaring the daylights out of my sweet pup.

In the mail this week I received a letter from some law firm regarding Wal-Mart asking for my information & telling me that I would be eligible for money back from Wal-Mart from when I was an hourly associate and they didn’t give me breaks. First of all that was in 2002 and second of all, if it has taken this long for this to come to fruition.. do I really need to sue? Answer- NO. I am completely fine and if they had not given me adequate breaks I obviously won’t be able to remember now! So I ripped up the letter and threw it away. I hope that other people do the same and are just filling it out to get $.

Office fun. We are having a girl’s office bracket at work and it excites me. I like March madness even though I am not the biggest fan of basketball; I think the brackets just make it all the more exciting. I wanted to do a bracket and more importantly I wanted to do a competitive one, but let’s face it, it is not in the budget to pay to play. So I sent and email out and told all the ladies to fill out their bracket. I was pretty proud of myself until my friend Kerri had to trump me with her fancy internet brackets that sorted by mascot and team colors. (Kidding Kerri) So thanks to our Commissioner Kerri we have them all on-line and it keeps up with all the stuff for you! So today was the start and so far Kerri, Denise, and myself are winning. Also tonight we are all heading to Mojito’s for dinner then to a movie. We all know how I am not the biggest movie fan, but we are going to see Remember Me. I am pretty excited about this girls outing even if it means staying up past my bedtime.

I went to the dentist yesterday. I love my dentist even if I hate going to the dentist. He broke the news to me that I have 2 cavities. Most people loose all of their baby teeth by the time they hit the age of 10. I however we genetically cursed and have 4.. yep 4 baby teeth still. No, it is not cause I am lazy and never wiggled them on out, it is because they don’t have anything underneath them! They make up a square in my mouth, fourth one from the back on the left and right side of my mouth and then the teeth directly above that. Now that you know the inner working of my mouth.. you will sleep better tonight. Since I have these precious baby teeth with nothing underneath them I am very sweet to them, and maybe in this instance I am to sweet.. because the have a cavity. UGH. Which means I will now have to budget in some $$ to get these babies-literally- fixed!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

** we are selling our jetta.. if you know anyone who is interested.. let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Little did you know that letting Kelly borrow the guitar is really my ploy to get it out of the house. Theron plays it so FREAKING loud!!! But I am sorry it scared precious little Callaway.

P.S. Has he mastered any cords from the INCREDIBLE drawings? haha