Thursday, March 11, 2010

TV time

So Tuesday at Race for the cure The Race Chairman looked over at me and said I have great news! KNWA wants you to be on TV to promote Bark! I kind of looked at him and my first thought was oh geez. Then my second was do I have a “skinny” outfit? Yes I am an out going person and no I don’t get embarrassed or nervous with big groups, but the fact of actually being on TV (even if NWA isn’t that big) made my stomach lurch. I honestly would have been ok if they had delegated it to someone else. I would have until he hit my Achilles heel he asked me to bring Callaway. Done. Sold. Now there is no way that I will be able to let anyone do this other than me. Yes, I am that girl who thinks her dog is the cutest thing in the world, I also think that everyone agrees with this fact, and they should automatically love him as much as I do.
So I am excited for my pup to be on TV, but not so excited to have to talk. Do we think it would be weird if I just put my dog out there and talked behind a curtain?

I am not sure the days of this TV d├ębut yet and may not tell anyone when it is so I don’t have to deal with the shame if I make a giant fool of my self!

My next thought is, will they do my makeup? Will I get to be like SJP in Sex in the City and get to keep the clothes?

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