Monday, March 1, 2010

mountains out of molehills

Sorry for my lack of entries here lately after CO, it was hard to get back in the habit of being witty and entertaining EVERY day.. But I think I can handle it now.. I have caught up on some sleep and I am as good as new!
Workout summary Saturday:
Distance 13.1 (1/2 marathon) pace-9:10; total time- 2:01
Goal was 1:59!!Dang it, Dang it, Dang it!

We ran the whole ½ marathon course on Saturday and I don’t care what Mike Rush says… that course is tough! It was good though to really know what we were up against.
Overall though I am ok with my time since most of the time you pick up your pace on the day of the race anyway. I just hope I can gain 2-4 minutes!.
After the run we hurried home to get ready for the Razorback Baseball game. Kelly got tickets at work and we were in the box, so I was very excited to go! I had never been to a hog baseball game, but after going I would definitely go back. It was only 40 degrees outside and there was a bit of a wind so the box was ideal! Kelly said I was a great sport and was proud of what a trooper I was. We stayed outside until the top of the 5th without me uttering a single compliant. After that we finished the rest of the game inside.

We had a romantic dinner at Flying Burrito (yes for those of you who are wondering the meal was budgeted in- Kelly won a gift card there) I was so hungry after our run I ate like a fat kid!

I borrowed the baby from a table next to us to show how big my burrito was..

We then came home to watch some boy movie about police. I read a book, but as long as I sit in the living room snuggled up to Kelly during the movie he doesn’t really care if I read a book, paint my nails, or even doodle the names of our unborn children on a notebook.

Sunday we went to church, Stopped by Sam’s then went and got our taxes done. We went to H & R Block this year for the first time. Normally we do turbo tax, but I heard H & R was good and we had a $30 off coupon, so we figured why not. Well I am glad we did, we got a pretty good refund and they itemized our deductions which was able to get up more back that we pbly would have with turbo tax!

After the excitement with the taxes I came home and expressed my frustration with my husband about how messy the house was & that I know that it doesn’t bother him & he pbly thinks that my stress is silly, but that I feel overwhelmed when the house is messy and that it bothers me when he gets to sit and watch tv while I am up cleaning and doing laundry. Well with this my fabulous husband says, “I have heard your concern, and I think that you want me to fix this problem, is that correct?” I start laughing because he is right and I did want him to fix it, this time…So he says show me where I can help, and guess what? He helped. He even said, next time you are cleaning and frustrated tell me, and then at that time I will get up and go work in the yard or clean the garage.

Then, he drew me a bubble bath. It was a good Sunday! Thank you Love and Respect book!

Last night we were flipping through the channels and we stopped on the discovery channel and they were showing all of the animals in the African safari, then Kelly would turn on America’s Funniest Video’s (THERE WAS NOTHING ON!!) AFV was doing a special with pets and Callaway was absolutely enamored by the TV. He never watches TV, but last night it kept his attention for a good 10 min. He would follow the birds when we were watching Discovery Channel and then he would just stare at the dogs on AFV. It was so funny! Maybe it is cause I feel like I have the best dog in the world, but that is just a maybe.

Well after my run on Saturday I have become OCD (me OCD? NEVER) and today I decided that I need to run hills in order to gain some speed for next weekend. So today I went out and ran hills! There is one very large hill by work and 2 other sort of hills, so I convinced one of my running partners to hit it up with me.

Monday's Workout Summary:
Distance- 4.1 miles; pace- 8:52; total time- 36:25
I know that is not as fast as I would have liked, in fact I am pretty annoyed at myself because I feel like I could have given it more and ran a little faster, but I feel good that we ran the BIG hill a couple of times!

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