Monday, March 22, 2010

One Size fits most

Workout Summary
Ran 3 miles, pace- 7:40 , total time- 23:07

Stairs 5 x 5 (5 flights 5 times)
20 sit-ups, 20 girl push-ups
Yesterday I didn’t run due to the 10” of snow that dumped itself on to NWA. I guess Mother Nature missed the memo that it is Spring? So Kelly & I did Kimpo from P90x for and hour & man it made me feel out of shape! You get to punch and kick like you are in a self defense class, which I like! I don’t like when they throw all of these crazy combo’s in and confuse me!
So yesterday's workout summary:
1 hour of butt kicking P90x
Now for the weekend wrap up..

My weekend technically started on Thursday with our girls night and we all had a wonderful time! Let me start by saying that I swear when it is a pretty day outside or you have somewhere to go it seems that the clocks will just stop working. It didn’t help that Jenni & I both had a meeting during lunch and were not fortunate enough to enjoy the sunshine!

Once 5pm hit I think I drove about 80 to get to Mojito’s. I had never been there before and was pretty excited about some Mexican food! I tried to order cheese dip & I am not gonna lie I was pretty pumped about my cheese dip, the menu said it had mushrooms and chorizo! I even made a point to confirm with our waiter that this was infact cheese dip and not some fake stuff. He confirmed that it was cheese dip.. so I ordered it. Then to my great disappointment he wheels on out with a plate… HUMM cheese dip is not cheese dip if it is served on a plate. Also, if you have cheese and you melt it over the topping, it can not be considered cheese dip, we need some liquid here people! I was like a child whose balloon just popped, but by this time I was hungry and at least it was cheese, which would sort of meeting my craving, so this fat kid ate it.
Next up Remember Me. NOT at all what I was expecting. If you would have given me 50 different ways this movie was going to go, I honestly can say this plot would not be in my 50. What it was not was a cheesy girl love story. What it was though was a very good movie. I do recommend going to see it, or at least renting it. But I would ask you, Do NOT listen to people when they try to tell you about it.
After the movie was over I accompanied Lauren & Lindsey to a little store called seductions. WOW.
I felt like I needed a scrub down with a brillow pad after being in that place. Lauren needed to go to pick up a gift for a lingerie shower she was going to. It really didn’t set the three of us at ease when this 30 year old guy was the cashier at the sleazy store. You would have thought the 3 of us we 10 year boys walking around out mouths open and uttering the words, “that is so gross, how do you think that works, and who uses this stuff?” I think we about wore out our welcome in the store, if we hadn’t when we first walked in.. We had when I started taking pictures!  Lauren was a little embarrassed to make her purchase.

Friday was a good day! I had posted the Jetta on craigslist a week or so ago knowing that tax $$ was rolling in. I posted it for about 2k more than we wanted/ needed to get for it. Well Friday we had a guy call and ask to look at it, and by 6pm it was gone! Yeah!! The only problem is our Acura hasn’t been picked up in AZ yet, which means we are a one car family. This is not an ideal situation for any of you that were thinking about entering in to this conundrum. I work about 15 miles from our house, Kelly is about 3 miles. I work from 7-5 he works from 8-5. So this week I am bumming rides to and from work. I am not too annoyed since we sold the Jetta for more that we wanted, so I can stand some inconvenience, but it just stinks having to ask people & then having nowhere to go during lunch. Maybe I will work out everyday!!

Friday I got to leave work early so I played with the dog, opened all the windows, turned on Pandora, & cleaned the house.

By Saturday I had a clean house so I was able to enjoy myself in the 30 degree weather! I went grocery shopping will Kelly worked on school stuff. Then by 3 we headed to Fayetteville to hang out with my best friend Kathryn & her husband Dave. They were making me a birthday dinner! I love Kathryn for many reason’s, but I mostly love her cause we both like a big deal made for our bday! For dinner Dave made stuffed chicken breast, roasted tomato risotto & steamed asparagus. Then for dessert they got me my very own whinnie the pooh cupcakes!

Sunday morning we woke up to a blanket of snow and church being canceled. Kelly was on breakfast duty & did a fabulous job of a spinach and egg white omelet with hash browns! For the rest of the day I was lazy! There was a James Bond marathon on TV & Kelly was confined to the office working on school stuff, so me and the pup laid in the chair and soaked up a little Pierce and Daniel. All in all it was a wonderful weekend~

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