Wednesday, March 10, 2010

for the 27 year old in me

There is no workout summary today cause I am a fat kid that ate Mexican instead of run.

I wanted to run & had full intentions of running, but one of the girls at work was having a birthday lunch. She is very similar to me in the fact that she loves her birthday as much as I love mine. I figure I would be a crappy person to choose running over a birthday lunch especially to a kindred spirit that loves the bday!

I did however want to throw up in my mouth every time she talked about how old she was at 25.. I remember how I was (back in the good ole days) when I was turning 25 and thought it was such a huge deal. So I can relate to that feeling, but now that I am creeping slowly to 30 I vomit a little when anyone younger than me says they are old. Heck I think 30 is young when they are talking about anyone other than my self. I look at people who are 30 and never does it cross my mind that they are old, but to think I will be turning 28 makes me feel old. I guess I just had my life planned out a little differently.

I was 18 and started dating Kelly in high school. Right after High I wanted to go to college, I have always wanted to do events planning which is why I majored in marketing. At the time (I am almost embarrassed to put this down, I was such a geek!) I wanted to go to Arkansas Tech & Kelly was to go to Harding. We would date until I was 20, at that point we would get married. We would spend the next 2 years of college in a state of wedded bliss. We would then graduate with 40k salaries and our dream jobs. I would then become pregnant and we would have our first child a girl…

Now do we see why I am embarrassed to put this little house on the prairie story out on to the internet?? I am so thankful that God had a different plan. I couldn’t image that story coming true and both of us losing all of the life experiences that we have gained. I do wish that the salary number could have been that one thing that came true! 

But now as I am 2 days away from my birthday I look back at where in the world the time has gone! This time last year we had just moved in to our first home. I was recovering from an injury and was slowly getting back in to running. In the transition from 27 to 28, I have done some things that I am very proud of!

1. Ran 2 half marathons

2. Ran a full marathon

3. Put windshield wiper fluid in my car with out asking anyone how!

4. Volunteered my time to Susan G Komen, Make-A-Wish, Hospice, & Girls on the Run.

5. Became more involved in our church

6. Went to Disney World!

7. Went to a St. Louis Cardinals game

8. Saw Kenny Chesney in concert

9. Started mountain biking

10. Striped & stained a nightstand

11. Ran a 7 minute mile ( no super exciting to all, but pretty good for me)

12. Drove 2 hours in a blizzard with 8” of snow on the ground & didn’t wreck!

13. Read over 25 books
I know that some of these are crazy random, but they are things that stand out to me.

I also had some things that I had though that I would have done by the time I was 28.

1. Go to NYC

2. Travel to Italy

3. Go to Napa Valley and do the ½ marathon that runs through the vineyard check it out here
ps.. won't be doing it this year either.. it is already sold out!

4. I thought I would have a baby by now, but I am not there yet so this one is ok that I haven’t completed it yet.

I guess that I have this year to complete these., but that would make for a busy year!

I do think that after the fat kid mexican food. I will have to workout tonight- pilates & ab ripper here I come.

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