Friday, March 12, 2010

The next Natalie

I love my dad. Precious as can be. However, sometimes he struggles on the gift department. So this year I thought about something I wanted, that he would be able to do without to much trouble. I asked him for golf shoes and golf lessons. I knew that this was going to be something that he enjoyed shopping for and it was something I needed. So, it worked out quite well. He did a very good job! He wanted to give them to me before Saturday because he was just to excited to wait..
He said he had to get them since they Callaway's!

I am excited for a little father daughter bonding time while I have my lessons!

I use to play when I was younger I think I was 9 or 10. Dad says that was until I discovered boy and never wanted to leave the clubhouse. I don’t quite know if that is completely true, but a small portion could be! Well since then I haven’t played a lot. Kelly and I have gone to the driving range a few time and we even played a 9 hole course once a couple years ago, but now that I have the shoes.. I AM SERIOUS!

Just be prepared Natalie.. I am about to rock your golfing world..

Next up...
Callaway ( the dog) So Kelly uses my old phone as his alarm. Yes I know that the first thing is this phone. My BFF Kathryn Ann made it, which is awesome, but became slightly extreme after I graduated college and entered in to the adult world. Well Kelly has been trying to get up in the morning to do homework or workout. In order to do this he has to move the alarm on the complete opposite side of the room.

This is where it has been the past few nights.

Yes if you are wondering that is the door frame to the master bedroom.

Which leads me to my next part. Callaway is petrified of this phone for some reason. I thought it was because of all the noise it would make, but last night I realized the real reason.

My husband chases him around the bedroom acting like the phone is about to bite him. He even hums the tune of jaws as he chases Callaway around snapping the phone open and closed at him. Last night Callaway started biting at the phone so Kelly “bit” him back with the phone. Well it scared Callaway so much he ran under the bed and refused to come out until I pulled him by his paws. Well now that the “monster” is on the doorway watching guard, he won’t leave the bedroom until I am with him. SO sad. I swear our children will be tormented!

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