Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Date night at Petit Bistro

Workout Summary:
Distance-4 miles, Pace- 8:25, total time- 33:50

To know me is to know my dad. My dad is crazy. I love him for it, but he is crazy. he is so full of life people never think he is as old as he is. He went to Bentonville high school and was always the life of the party. He  was homecoming king, football star, & class clown. He was also known as pickle pangle (nope don't ask me, cause for all of my life i have refused to hear the story) and the guy that broke his neck. More on that later..

What my dad is:
The guy who is always happy
Your bestfriend
biggest supporter
life of the party
the one you call when you need help
the one who is always proud of you, but has a hard time saying it
He  is the guy who everyone knows in our small town

What he isn't:
Super Sensitive
the dad that realizes you have to stay until the very end of your daughters wedding.. no matter what
the guy who answers the door with a shot gun on my first date
the curfew giving time

Do you know him a little bit now? He is like me with much more energy!
Well we got to talk about him and how crazy he was in high school & it brought uo how he broke his neck Junior year of high school.
I had never heard the whole story so now I am going share the whole miracle story with yall!

They were celebrating their bicentennial so they were all out by some lake/river one weekend. My dad being the dare devil was going to jump of this crazy high bridge.. only to realize there was 18" of water in the river that normally ran so high. Kyle & Mark my dad's 2 BF were going to take him home Kyle was driving my dad crazy asking him all the questions & really freaking our they were going to be in trouble, he at the time didn't realize that he was able to keep my dad awake and prevent him from dying. 
They get too my grandma's house and boy was Polly mad! She drove him to the bville hospital. Where they told her they couldn't help and to take him to fville about 30 min away at the time. He offered her a neckbrace though. Well gma was so mad the threw the neckbrace at the man and told him where to put it..
gma also didn't know that she is part of the reason my dad wasn't a quadriplegic. If she would have placed the brace on him it would have put to much pressure on the already struggling cords of my dads neck, causing him to be a quad.
So they drive to fville & thank GOD the nurse there had been working with a specialist in TX who was trying out experimental surgry. They actually sandbagged him in to the bed out in the parking lot to make sure he was stable.
*sidenote- to show how scary polly can be, they brought in a girl who had just tried to kill herself. all she kept yelling was, LET ME DIE.. so polly being scared her son would in fact die.. Slapped her. right across the face. DANG GMA!
They then drilled holes straight in to my dads head. the Surgeon flew in from TX and he preformed the first frontal neck surgery ever on my dad. They then took a bone from his hip & put it in his neck. 2 months later and out of the hospital my dad was walking. CRAZY huh!
So sorry i wanted to share that story..back to date night..

So our date night started off at a chamber function at this fabulous old house on 5th street in bentonville. I got to see my sweet friend Christie and we are now in Class reunion mode & ready to start planning.. one minor detail.. we weren't officers. But, we have taken it upon ourselves  to make sure this thing rocks!
After we left there we headed over to the Petit Bistro in Bentonville. It is where the old Smoke house use to be. Well they are opening on Wednesday the 7th, so they were doing a sample for friends and family. My dad called and asked if I would be his date. I of course agreed! I got to see & meet a lot of people and we ended u psharing a table with one of my dad's best friends and his wife. Mark & Christie Estes. They were a blast!
Each person got something different and we all passed around and tested them out!
First up on the menu was the apps or petit plates.
*Seared Sea Scallops
*Petit Burger-it was Kobe beef and-AMAZING
*Crab Cakes
*Smoked Salmon Pizza
Tried them all and loved them all!!

They put bread sticks and these fun sauces on the table

This is the inside of the restaurant
It has a cozy fun atmosphere
Next course was Salad's
*Spinach Pear Salad
*Mediterranean Salad
*Caesar Salad
The caesar even had these cute little rolled up flower looking things.. ps. they are NOT flowers but anchovies. I did not so much like those!

I forgot to take pictures of the apps... but the crab cakes scallops, and the slider burgers are to DIE for.. As you all know I do  not like seafood, so this is a very large branch that I stepped on to last night!
This was the caesar salad
 Below is the pear salad
Next up Grand Petit Plates
above are the 
*Mussels Barquaise
below is the
*Curried Chicken Sate
*Steak au Poivre
*Escolar Puttanesca

I also failed on the desserts, but I was so wrapped up in talking and eating that pictures didn't cross my mind anymore!
Desserts were:
*Mozart Chocolate Cake
*Napoleon Trio
*Bistro Creme Brulee
The creme brulee was really good. It had a hint of vanilla bean in it. I think Mark and would have licked the bowl if so many people hadn't been there.
All in all it was a wonder date! You should all go check them out!

Thanks dad!

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