Friday, March 5, 2010

one of those days!

So we are going to Memphis this weekend. My friend Sarah is getting married. My wonderful friend Hannah and I are in the wedding.. the house party if you must know. No not this house party..

The house party where you are not quite to bridesmaid status. Which after realizing what goes on in this house party.. I will take it over the actual taffeta wearing bridesmaid ANY time! We get to participate in all the fun parts of the wedding and none of the headaches.. We even get to pick our very own black dresses! No David’s Bridal for me!

We have dinner tonight then we are heading to Beale Street for the Bachelorette party. So last night I was trying to decide what to wear. Gasp! I know that you are thinking Cortney the planner hasn’t packed? Well I was completely packed except my outfit for tonight. I think it is because I knew that it was going to be an awful decision and I didn’t want to make it. I also kind of sort of was hoping that some mythical creature like the wardrobe fairy would come and provide me with something to wear! No such luck. So, instead our bedroom looked like my closet had an exorcism. Kelly knew he was in for some trouble if he walked in so instead he kept his head down and went to do some homework.
(Kelly is getting his masters.. more on that in a minute)
Well after an hour of me trying on combination after combination I settled on an outfit, an outfit that I am not in love with, but an outfit that will have to do. P.S. someone should tell husbands that when the wife is in the moments of wardrobe trial DO NOT under any circumstances tell your wife that her outfit looks bad. Especially when it is an outfit she has worn several times before…

I am super pumped for my road trip with Hannah Montana too! Am I to anal when I send a message to her to make a list of topics for us to discuss?

*Kelly is going back to Harding to get his Masters. We have talked about it a couple of times and he has really been wanting to since he started it right after he graduated college, but you know how things get in the way. Well now with his job, it just makes sense. I would benefit him so much and I know how bad he wants it so I think that he should go back no mater how much time it will take away from QT with me!

So we are off for our road trip..

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